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The two play Mac and Kelly Radner, a young couple living next door to a house of frat boys.

  • I look at it as art.

  • The 17 Again star went fully nude to play Jason, the 20something sorting out his feelings on relationships with pals Daniel Miles Teller and Mikey Michael B.

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  • She got naked and rolled around in the mud in At Play in the Fields of the Lord, and she's similarly fearless in a scene here where she surprises a hot-tubbing Jack Nicholson by stepping into the Jacuzzi au naturel.

  • But Carell reportedly said the scene, in which Gosling's confident ladies' man bares himself before Carell's sad-sack soon-to-be divorcĂ© in a locker room, : ''Was it awkward? But, you really can't blame her for the latter — in 1997, just about any girl would have disrobed for Leonardo DiCaprio.

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